Mary Jane Watson. Norman Osborn. Aunt May. Each of these characters has played a crucial role in shaping the life of Peter Parker. Although these are practically household names, there is no more recognizable “character” in the Spider-Man mythos than New York City itself. While the internet is full of unofficial, fan-made guides to real cities that appear in fictional media, most lack the care and research that dedicated fans are looking for. In fact, many online guides only include locations from the films that have come to dominate our popular culture landscape. That’s where Webslinger’s Guide comes in. 

The creation of this book served as my thesis for my final semester at UC and is dedicated to Spider-Man fans everywhere. It aims to set the standard for similar guides related to pop culture icons such as Spider-Man. Whether you’re a native New Yorker or an armchair traveler, Webslinger’s Guide to New York City offers fans a chance to take one step closer to the Marvel Universe by including media beyond the popular film series such as comics books and cartoons, as well as a bit of history behind their creation.